Join me for this sneak peek into the Katalyze U world, where everything is possible, taking place the last Friday of the month!

Whether you are new to your self-expansion journey or just beginning to open your eyes to your magnificence, this is for you!

In this space, the guru mindset is left at the door and together we co-create the healing and support that our higher guidance wants to support us with, now during these transformational times.

Facilitated with love, by Melinda Janicki with a clean clear connection to what supports us all.

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    Melinda Janicki

    Owner & Quantum Facilitator

    What is a Catalyst?

    A Catalyst facilitates and speeds up the change but doesn't actually take part in making the change - it makes it easier for the change to take place, just like magic!

    I am here holding space for you and facilitating your change and coordinating that change with your own innate wisdom. It's a deep and supportive process and all you have to do is show up :)

    Why do I offer this free?

    You are perfect the way you are, it's my mission to light up the world with this notion. You've got this, (even in these trying times) and if you are here reading this now the universe has led you here so you can really kick your perfection into high gear! It's time to Catalyze your greatest self. When you do, your unique path to lighting up your own life and your purpose will emerge and how does it get better than that!